When it comes to buying part worn tyres there are a few things you need to take into consideration, this page will help you work out if part worn tyres are for you, the advantages and disadvantages as well as where to purchase them from.

Part worn tyres can save you a lot of money, especially if you are needing to replace several tyres as the same time, however you must be careful when purchasing them

The Facts

  1. A part worn tyre is one that has been used before, this means they have been on a car that has been driven around meaning that some of the tyre tread will have been worn down. The amount used varies with some having only done a few miles to some with thousands of miles on them.
  2. There is always a reason why tyres have been taken off a car and sold on, this may be due to buying more expensive tyres or it may be that they are not safe to drive on, therefore you must think are they safe and legal.
  3. Part worn tyres are significantly cheaper than buying brand new.
  4. You can often get top end tyres for a fraction of the original cost.
  5. Be very wary of who you buy from, only buy from reputable companies and individuals who you can trust.
  6. It's good for the environment as it means fewer tyres are needed to be produced as well as fewer being thrown away.
  7. All part worn tyres are required by law to be labelled as part worn.
  8. Always put your safety above any cost saving, if in doubt buy new.
  9. Remember if you have illegal/worn tyres it can get points on your license, lead to big fines and make your car insurance invalid
  10. If it seems a too good price/deal to be true, then it probably is

So what exactly are part worn tyres?

Part worn tyres are basically used tyres, this means they have been on cars/vehicles which have been driven around meaning that some of the tread will have worn down. The level of tread that has been worn down varies massively depending on the miles the tyre has done, the type of milage (be it rural roads, high speed motorways, city driving), the quality of tyre and so on. Most of the time the tyres will have lost a siginificant amount of the tread and grip. The prices for these tyres compared to new are vastly cheaper and you can pick up bargains on high end brands where by the tyre still has a decent amount of tread left.

The Advantages of Buying Part Worn

Savings - One of the main reasons that people opt for part-worn tyres is that you can save a lot of money in comparison to purchasing them brand new. You may be able to get hold of a set of tyres which should cost thousands for a few hundred pounds. You are also often able to get hold of high end tyres which may have been out of your price range to purchase brand new.

Good for the environment -  Another main reason that people tend to go for these tyres are that it is good for the environment as you are not needing new tyres to be made, you may be unaware but producing a tyre takes a lot of fossil fuels to make, by purchasing a used set it means you are not only stopping another pair being made but you are reusing a pair which may have been thrown away. You may have seen places where tyres are piled up high and this is due to many going to waste.

High quality brands - A final reason is that you can get hold of high end and high quality brands at prices you may not have been able to afford brand new.

The Disadvantages of Part Worn Tyres

Quality - When buying part worn tyres you are always going to be risking the quality of the tyres, you won't know the full history of the tyre, how many miles it has done or if it has been involved in any accidents. You'll also be relying on less grip than you may get from a brand new tyre and this grip helps you stop faster, not skid or lose control and so it's a vital safety feature of your car.

Short term - You must weigh up the cost saving you'll be making with how long the tyres will last, as you'd expect these tyres won't last as long as brand new tyres due to them having less grip so you'll need to replace them sooner, so the initial money saving you may make may just be taken away when you have to replace them.

Dodgy sellers - Buying from people and businesses is often a bit of a gamble as you often don't know the history of the tyre or if the seller is reputable. It is always recommended to only buy from a reputable dealer who you can trust.  Many of the bigger companies will offer you peace of mind with money back guarantees but smaller ones may not.

The Law

Ultimately in the UK the law is what rules and you must be fully aware of the law when it comes to tyres. The law current states that no matter the age of the tyre it must have a minimum tread depth of 2mm. So it doesn't matter if your tyre is 6 months old or 15 years old it must still have the 2mm of tread left otherwise it is not road legal which means you must not drive it on the road.  Another part of this law is that any cuts that are on the tyre must not exceed 25mm in length, if they are more than this then again the tyre is not legal. Finally there must be no visible tears to the tyre.

Ultimately the choice to buy part worn tyres is down to you, remember to never buy tyres which are illegal as you are not only breaking the law if you drive with them on and could face points and fines but you are also putting your and your passengers safety as risk. There are plenty of reputable dealers who sell part worn tyres which are great value, legal and have many thousands of miles left on them.