We all know that it when it comes to buying new tyres for your car it can often be a pretty expensive task however there are many budget brands as well as the more established brands which offer budget tyres which are great value, safe and a good option for those who don't want to spend a small fortune on a new set of tyres. When you opt to go for a budget tyre you are not always getting a low quality product, many of the budget tyres are often very similar to the more expensive tyres just rebranded as budget. Many are made using very similar methods that the pricer ones are made by.

Although budget tyres are a great option, you should think about the potential money saving you can make from tyres which are more fuel efficient as these may save you more money in the future

Where to buy budget tyres from?

There are now more and more companies who specialise in selling tyres on the internet and in most cases they give you better prices than if you were to buy offline. The number of the companies who sell mean you can often get some very competitive prices but it comes with the downside that there are so many to choose from it can become difficult to select which one to go with. Below you'll find our recommended companies based on the customer service, range of products available and prices.